O Leg

The O Leg is the “go anywhere” base that brings a level of classic sophistication to the space.  If you are looking for clean lines and simple elegance, you’ve found it.

Part #Column SizeRecommended Max. Top DepthBase SpreadLengthWeightOverall Height
22501" x 2-1/2"18"17-1/2"N/A14 lbs.27-3/4"
22511" x 2-1/2"24"23-1/2"N/A16 lbs27-3/4"
22521" x 2-1/2"30"29-1/2"N/A18 lbs.27-3/4"
22531" x 2-1/2"36"35-1/2"N/A20 lbs.27-3/4"
CH22501" x 2-1/2"18"17-1/2"N/A16 lbs34-3/4"
CH22511" x 2-1/2"24"23-1/2"N/A18 lbs.34-3/4"
CH22521" x 2-1/2"30"29-1/2"N/A20 lbs.34-3/4"
CH22531" x 2-1/2"36"35-1/2"N/A22 lbs.34-3/4"
B22501" x 2-1/2"18"17-1/2"N/A19 lbs.40-3/4"
B22511" x 2-1/2"24"23-1/2"N/A21 lbs.40-3/4"
B22521" x 2-1/2"30"29-1/2"N/A23 lbs.40-3/4"
B22531" x 2-1/2"36"35-1/2"N/A25 lbs.40-3/4"
  • Construction: Welded
  • Frame: 1″ x 2-1/2″, 14ga
  • Cross Bar: 1″ x 2-1/2″, 14ga
  • Mounting Plate:
    • (2) fabricated steel plates, 13ga
    • (8) additional mounting holes available through the top of the frame itself
      • Requires (20) #12-14 screws total per base, not supplied
  • Base Height: Multiple, see chart
  • Adjustable Leveler: 3/8-16 x 1-3/4″ long shank
  • Stretcher (OPTIONAL):
    • Sold separately
    • When using a stretcher with an O Leg, add prefix “S” to part number (ex: #S2252)
    • Stretcher recommended on counter height and bar height bases to help reduce racking
  • Finish: Powder coat finish as standard.
  • Assembly and Shipping:
    • Parts ship fully welded
    • Parts ship 2 per box (sold individually)
    • Broken Carton Charge for odd quantity is $20 LIST
    • Most can be shipped via FedEx or UPS
  • Unfinished/Raw: subtract $18 LIST
  • Special Heights:
    • Shorter, add $66 LIST
  • Casters:
    • Hard Wheel: Add prefix “C” to part #, add $40 LIST
    • Soft Wheel: Add prefix “D” to part #, add $47 LIST
  • List quantity, part #, description, finish, and price.
  • All prices are FOB our facility, please specify your preferred method of shipment
  • Specify shipping and billing address
  • Please read terms and warranty

O-Leg – Spec Sheet