O Leg Stretcher

This stretcher is designed to be used with the O Leg series.

Part #Column SizeRecommended Max. Top DepthBase SpreadLengthWeightOverall Height
2242-30251" x 2-1/2"N/AN/A30-1/4"5 lbs.N/A
2242-36251" x 2-1/2"N/AN/A36-1/4"6 lbs.N/A
2242-42251" x 2-1/2"N/AN/A42-1/4"7 lbs.N/A
2242-48251" x 2-1/2"N/AN/A48-1/4"8 lbs.N/A
2242-54251" x 2-1/2"N/AN/A54-1/4"9 lbs.N/A
2242-66251" x 2-1/2"N/AN/A66-1/4"10 lbs.N/A
2242-78251" x 2-1/2"N/AN/A78-1/4"13 lbs.N/A
2242-90251" x 2-1/2"N/AN/A90-1/4"15 lbs.N/A
  • Construction: 1″ x 2-1/2″, 14ga
  • Finish: Powder coat finish as standard.
  • Assembly and Shipping:
    • Parts may ship multiple per box depending on order size
    • Can be shipped via FedEx or UPS
  • Unfinished/Raw: subtract $8 LIST
  • Special Lengths: quoted on request
  • Add prefix “S” to the part # of the corresponding O Legs that you intend to use with this stretcher
  • List quantity, part #, description, finish, and price.
  • All prices are FOB our facility, please specify your preferred method of shipment
  • Specify shipping and billing address
  • Please read terms and warranty

Stretcher for O-Leg – Spec Sheet