Transformer T Base

Transformer 2″ Tubular T base series offers two separate height ranges: approximately 8″ and approximately 11-7/8″. The shorter one covers the sit down work height range including ADA requirements. The taller one includes sit down to stand up work heights. Adjustment is easy. Simply set your foot on the base and lift the surface. The mechanism will automatically adjust to the next level. To lower the surface, lift it to its highest level. It will release and slowly descend to the lowest position. No locks, no levers, no cranks, no cylinders, no pins, etc. Base heights are numbered for easy leveling. Gibraltar’s Transformer Series offers one of the most user friendly, multipurpose, and cost effective lines of adjustable height bases and mechanisms available today.



Part #Column SizeRecommended Max. Top DepthBase SpreadLengthWeightOverall Height
7018-2002-3/8"22"18"N/A12 lbs.24-3/4" - 32-3/4"
7022-2002-3/8"30"22"N/A13 lbs.24-3/4" - 32-3/4"
7026-2002-3/8"36"26"N/A14 lbs.24-3/4" - 32-3/4"
7018-3002-3/8"22"18"N/A14 lbs.27-3/4" - 39-3/4"
7022-3002-3/8"30"22"N/A15 lbs.27-3/4" - 39-3/4"
7026-3002-3/8"36"26"N/AN/A27-3/4" - 39-3/4"
  • Construction: Welded
  • Column: 2-3/8″ OD with 1-3/4″ OD inner tube
  • Base: 2″ OD, 14ga
  • Mounting Plate
    • 6″ x 8″ steel
    • Requires (8) #12-14 screws, not supplied
  • End Cap: Welded and polished to look like solid steel
  • Base Height:
    • Ratchet style adjustment
    • “-200″ part # adjusts 24-3/4″ – 32-3/4”
    • “-300″ part # adjusts 27-3/4″ – 39-3/4”
  • Adjustable Leveler: 1/4-20 x 1-3/4″ shank.
  • Finish: Powder coat finish as standard.
  • Assembly and Shipping:
    • No assembly required
    • Parts ship 2 per box (sold individually)
    • Broken Carton Charge for odd quantity is $20.00 LIST
    • Can be shipped via FedEx or UPS
  • Casters:
    • Casters will add approx. 2″ to base height
    • Hard Wheel: Add prefix “C” to part #, add $16.00 LIST
  • List quantity, part #, description, finish, and price.
  • All prices are FOB our facility, please specify your preferred method of shipment
  • Specify shipping and billing address
  • Please read terms and warranty

T Base Transformer – Spec Sheet