Add Privacy & Functionality to any Workspace


Add Privacy & Functionality to any Workspace

Sometimes a table needs more than just bases. Whether for privacy, wire management, or
additional rigidity, Gibraltar’s Modesty Panels will elevate the functionality of your table.

Our Universal Modesty Panels & Fabric Modesty Panels are compatible with any table
by installing directly to the underside of the work surface. Universal Modesty Panels are
available with either a plain or perforated front and offer an optional wire raceway add-on. The
Fabric Modesty Panel provides a free hanging design with an enclosed wire raceway pouch,
creating a simple all-in-one panel.

Gibraltar Inc. also offers steel modesty panels that attach directly to our bases for both
Flip-Top and fixed table applications. They offer a clean profile and give increased rigidity. The
modesty panels are compatible with our Propel, DuraCast, Arch, Tubular, Oval, and FRED
series, as well as our straight legs.

With so many options, you may have some questions about what modesty panel would
work best for your situation. Please contact us for any additional information regarding our
modesty panels.

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