Introducing: The Gibraltar Team

A Gibraltar company photo in black and white. Gibraltar Inc. is a contract furniture company located in West Michigan.

As you may have noticed, Gibraltar Inc. has released a fair amount of new products over the last several months!

We have also had the pleasure of getting to know many new names over the last year or so, which means many of you have had exciting changes in your organizations as well! 

With these new changes for both of us, we want to present an opportunity to share our new products, and help your new (and existing) team members become better acquainted with our company and the products that matter to you!

Whether you are new to Gibraltar Inc. — or a long-time partner of ours – if you would like a walk through on our new products — let’s schedule a 1-hour Zoom meeting! In this time we will get your team up to speed on our company history, product overview, and any other questions that you may have on our processes and capabilities!

Please fill out this form on our contact page, or call us at 616-748-4857 to schedule your meeting.

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