Universal Wire Managers

Gibraltar offers two styles of wire raceways for routing wires. Both styles are offered in black and silver and attach with adhesive tape that is already installed on the product and has high holding strength. Round legs and contoured surfaces will appreciate the balanced look and smooth functionality of our 9002 series. The two flexible hinged mounting surfaces allow this raceway to adapt to just about any contoured surface that has a diameter larger than 1-5/8″. Flat surfaces such as rectangle or square table legs, walls, panels, and the undersides of desks and tables will find our series 9001 to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Roomy yet compact, easy to open and close securely. Economical and available in two colors: black or silver.


Part #Column SizeRecommended Max. Top DepthBase SpreadLengthWeightOverall Height
  • Construction:
    • “9001” series is extruded PVC
    • “9002” series is extruded HIPS
  • Attachment: Double-sided tape
  • Finish: Available in Black or Silver
  • Shipping:
    • Parts ship 1 or more per box
    • Can be shipped via FedEx or UPS
  • List quantity, part #, description, finish, and price.
  • All prices are FOB our facility, please specify your preferred method of shipment
  • Specify shipping and billing address
  • Please read terms and warranty

Universal Wire Manager – Spec Sheet