Introducing: Modesty Panels


Gibraltar offers both perforated and plain front modesty panels that bolt into our Propel, DuraCast, Arch, Tubular, T and C bases, and straight legs. Both fixed and flip-top bases can utilize these modesty panels. Attaching the panel to the legs gives your tables a new sense of rigidity and durability. We have designed the panel to leave about 3/4″ of space between it and the table bottom which offers almost 10″ of modesty protection. Keeping the panel inset on the legs does not interrupt any design features of either the leg or the panel, allowing both elements to come together for a well-defined look.

Gibraltar’s fabric modesty panel (long table with black panel as shown below) serves the dual purpose of a full-service modesty along with a hidden pouch to hold wires as needed. Made with a black fabric mesh and a black liner that is fitted around a sturdy steel frame to maintain its shape when holding wires. 

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