Gibraltar Inc. Is More than Just Your Table Base Supplier

Gibraltar offers table parts to help make your tables better.

Gibraltar Inc. is more than just your table base supplier!

We offer a wide range of additional table parts to help add life and functionality to your tables.

Anti-Sag Table Stiffeners are offered in six-inch increments from 31” – 85” in length. This hat-channel style stiffener is an inexpensive solution to ensuring your tables keep straight for years to come!

Modesty Panels are an add-on that we have available in several variations. We offer a steel Universal Modesty Panel that attaches to the work surface independently. It is available with an optional wire raceway that can be added to the back. We also offer a Fabric Modesty Panel, which attaches to the underside of the work surface and has a built-in pocket on the back side for wires. Steel modesty panels which attach directly to various base series are also available. 

We have one specific set of panels for our Oval and FRED series and another set of panels that can be used along with Tubular, Arch, DuraCast, Propel, Fusion, and Rove bases, including both fixed and flip-top.

Universal Wire Managers are available for both flat and contoured surfaces. These plastic managers are offered in both Black and Silver in various lengths. They attach to the base or underside of the work surface using double-sided tape and can also easily be cut to size in the field if needed.

Quick-Release Flat Plates offer a convenient and cost-effective way to allow your tables to be used independently with the option to be joined together quickly when the occasion calls for it. Flat Plates are your go-to solution for the long-term attachment of one work surface to another. We offer two plate sizes: 3” x 6” and 4” x 17.75”.

If you have any questions or would like some help from our team in deciding on the right table parts for your specific needs, please reach out to us!

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